It is increasingly evident from published numbers that many of the patients affected by COVID-19 die, rather than from viral complications, betrayed by their own immune system. The coronavirus also kills by disrupting the rules of immunity.

In this period we have learned how fragile are many people around us. The human society  has been unprepared for this sudden and unexpected viral aggression in its rapid and pandemic diffusion.

The science has discovered that the virus kills more fragile people; the fragility mainly consists in an insufficient capacity of defense of the organism, an apparatus of war formed by myriad of cells, mainly white blood cells, that, they constantly check every corner of our organism to protect everything that is recognized as own from what is “stranger”.

When these forces is well organized and responsive it manages to detect and destroy foreign organisms, when instead there are imbalances or deficiencies in the ranks of this army a foreign pathogen can penetrate the defenses and proliferate, subjugate the cells of the organism and then destroy them.

In this context the sperimentation and research are inserted the ozone oxygen therapy that has a beneficial action on the immune system and strengthens it, stabilizing and consolidating our immune system.

The immune system has the task of defending the body from bacteria, viruses or parasites carrying diseases. When this system does not work properly it increases the likelihood of contracting infections. Ozone has proven effective in cell protection of the organism and in regulating immune responses. People undergoing ozone therapy experience an improvement in the immune system and a decrease in inflammatory processes.

Perhaps the future can imagine for the slice of population at risk (elderly, patients with cancer, people with liver and kidney failure) to carry out this practice with constancy in public and private clinics.

Ozone has anti-bactericidal, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-viral properties. It is able to oxidize and destroy the outer membrane of bacteria and fungi. This process stops the growth of pathogens and causes their destruction. Ozone therapy also hinders the ability of viruses to multiply within the cells of the organism.

Ozone also has an effect not only on the immune system of our organism, but also acts directly on the pathogens with which it comes into contact: ozone has a strong disinfectant and bactericidal power; O3 is an unstable molecule that splits quickly into an oxygen molecule (O2) and a single oxygen atom called the oxygen free radical (ROS). ROS are very unstable molecules and this is their strength, in fact they can bind to viruses and bacteria leading to death.

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