The WHO has defined ozone sanitation as one of the most effective tools available against the viruses and to eliminate pathogens that favor infections.  Ozone is a health protection instrument for both patients and general practitioners. Places and people must be protected: for this reason it is necessary to sanitize studies and regenerate the air in the environment.

The Covid-19 emergency is not over at all and it is necessary to take appropriate measures to avoid a resumption of infections and allow a gradual return to normality. It is precisely in this perspective that the Project ‘Safe Zone’ is placed, a process that involves the sanitization of over 100 clinics in about 100 days, born on the initiative of SIMG – Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care.

The Safe Zone project will enable more than a hundred general practitioners to be reached on the national territory by providing all three key tools:

  • two sanitization processes that will concern both the premises of the clinic and the waiting room through ozone generators for professional sanitization certified;
  • an information kit on hygiene and safety standards to be used to prevent the spread of viruses and the prevention of infections;
  • the provision of a distance training course for all Health Professions on patients with chronic respiratory diseases and symptoms from COVID-19.


The sanitization by ozone eliminates pathogens causing diseases and infections (viruses and bacteria, then mites, molds, protozoa and any other potentially harmful particle) and regenerates the air of the medical clinic. According to the WHO ozone is the most effective disinfectant gas against all types of micro-organisms. Therefore, its use for the disinfection of air and surfaces is advisable compared to the use of other substances, for its effectiveness and for its rapid decomposition as it leaves no residue.

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